The woods I know (Ash, Walnut, Cherry, White Oak)

There are many woods suitable for furniture, and it's impossible to judge which is better or worse in one sentence. Here we can only make a proper analysis of the woods that are currently respected by designers.


Advantages: The texture is elegant, the dull brown color is calm and mysterious, and the texture is delicate.

Cons: The texture is slightly soft and it is easier to bruise

white oak

Advantages: hard texture, durable

Disadvantages: solid wood, easy to break

solid ash

Advantages: clear and beautiful texture, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance

Disadvantages: more color difference, difficult to control the appearance

Cherry tree

Advantages: fine fiber, very smooth after a little polishing

Cons: Texture is soft, fingernails can pull out the indentation with a little force

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Now compare these woods from a few common angles

1.Hardness density

Of the woods listed above, in order of hardness, white oak > ash > walnut > cherry, i.e. white oak is the hardest, but it is also the most prone to cracking, and the cherry tree is the most tender and most susceptible to damage.

2.Cracking problem

The key to the probability of wood cracking is the size of the wood texture and whether the moisture content is stable. Wood with a finer texture has a lower cracking probability than wood with a larger texture. Cherry and walnut are relatively less likely to crack.

3.Differences in wood properties

Ash wood has high material density, thick pores and streamlined wood texture; cherry wood and walnut wood have uniform density and fine pores, and the wood grain featured is delicate, subtle and soft.

I don't have much time in the furniture industry now, the one I've been in contact with for a long time and know relatively well is Ash.
American ash is divided into southern wood and northern wood due to different origins, and the price is also very different.

Fainko now uses North American material, because of its high density, of course, the price will be more expensive.
Although the price of southern wood is lower, its material is loose, and the probability of cracking and deformation is greater. So it is not in our consideration, we hope we can provide customers with better quality products.

When choosing wood, we usually consider the practicability and cost-effectiveness of wood itself, and we do not want or disdain to blindly follow the trend of popular wood.

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